Cat. C1 / Class 3 – HGV Course

Cat. C1 Training + DVSA Tests £1,250

The Cat. C1 driving licence is for people that need to drive vans that weigh more than 3,500 kgs. Motorhomes, ambulances and horseboxes can also fall in to this category.

We are officially the lowest priced provider of Cat. C1 / Class 3 training in the UK. 

Cat. C1, Class 3 Training Course

All Inclusive Package 

Unless someone decides to copy us, we are officially the only driving school to provide all of our candidates everything needed to gain the Category C driving licence from start to finish.

“Leave all the hard work of completing your application to the DVLA, booking your medical and theory tests to us.” Every course includes the following:

12 Hours Training

You will receive 12 hours of training before your driving test.

D4 Medical

Your D4 Drivers Medical is included in our package, various locations in Kent.

Provisional Licence Application

We will send away your licence application to the DVLA.

On-site Extensive Training & DVSA Driving Tests

All DVSA practical & Theory driving tests are included in your package.

Automatic Modern Training Vehicles

Train in our DAF CF or Mercedes Actros artics.

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Understanding Cat. C1 / Class 3 HGV Licence

What is a Cat. C1 / Class 3 HGV Licence?

The Cat. C1 / Class 3 Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) licence allows you to operate medium-sized commercial vehicles. This licence covers vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. It’s a valuable asset for individuals aiming to embark on a career in logistics, transportation, or delivery services.

Eligibility and Requirements

To apply for a Cat. C1 / Class 3 HGV licence, you must meet specific eligibility criteria:

Be at least 18 years old.
Hold a valid Category B (car) driving licence.
Pass a medical examination to ensure you are physically fit to operate an HGV.
Apply for and pass the DVSA’s theory and practical tests.

The Application Process

Medical Examination

Before you can progress further, you need to undergo a medical examination. This evaluation ensures that you are fit to operate an HGV, given the additional responsibilities and potential health risks associated with the role.

Theory Test

The theory test consists of multiple-choice questions and hazard perception assessments. It evaluates your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and general safety rules. Preparing for this test is crucial, and we recommend using official DVSA materials and practice exams.

Practical Training

Practical training is a vital part of the process, as it prepares you for the real-world challenges of operating an HGV. You can choose to attend an accredited training school or opt for private lessons, but it’s essential to ensure that your chosen training provider is registered and recognized by the DVSA.

Practical Test

After completing your training, you’ll be ready to take the practical test. This examination assesses your ability to safely operate a Cat. C1 / Class 3 HGV. It includes a vehicle safety check, on-road driving, and manoeuvring tasks.

Pass Your Test and Obtain Your licence

Once you successfully pass both the theory and practical tests, you’ll be on your way to obtaining your Cat. C1 / Class 3 HGV licence. The DVSA will issue your licence, and you’ll be legally authorized to operate medium-sized commercial vehicles.