Cat. D1 Course – Minibus

Cat. D1 Training & DVSA Tests - £1,200

The Category D1 course is for people that require their minibus driving licence.  

We are officially the lowest priced provider of Cat. D1 training in the UK. 

Category D1 Minibus Training Course

All Inclusive Package 

Unless someone decides to copy us, we are officially the only driving school to provide all of our candidates everything needed to gain the Cat. D1 driving licence from start to finish.

“Leave all the hard work of completing your application to the DVLA, booking your medical and theory tests to us.” Every course includes the following:

12 Hours Training

You will receive 15 hours of training before your driving test.

D4 Medical

Your D4 Drivers Medical is included in our package, various locations in Kent.

Provisional Licence Application

We will send away your licence application to the DVLA.

On-site Extensive Training & DVSA Driving Tests

All DVSA practical & Theory driving tests are included in your package.

Automatic Modern Training Vehicles

Train in our Ford Transit Minibus

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PCV Driver Training: Excellence in Professional Coaching

In the world of professional driving, a PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) driver holds a significant role. PCV drivers are entrusted with the responsibility of safely transporting passengers, making their role vital for ensuring public safety and convenience. At TrainFor Group, we take pride in providing top-tier PCV driver training that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in this challenging profession.

The Importance of PCV Driver Training

PCV drivers are the backbone of public transportation services, operating buses and coaches to transport passengers to their destinations. Whether it’s a city bus or a long-distance coach, the safety and comfort of passengers depend on the competence of the driver at the wheel. PCV driver training is the key to ensuring that these professionals can carry out their duties effectively and responsibly.

Comprehensive PCV Driver Training Programs

Our PCV driver training programs are designed to cover all aspects of professional driving, ensuring that drivers are well-prepared for the challenges they may encounter. We offer a range of courses that cater to both aspiring drivers and those seeking to enhance their existing skills.

1. PCV Theory and Regulations

To excel as a PCV driver, one must have a deep understanding of the relevant theory and regulations. Our comprehensive training program covers everything from traffic laws to vehicle maintenance, ensuring that drivers are fully aware of their legal obligations and safety requirements.

2. Practical Driving Skills

A strong focus on practical driving skills is at the heart of our training. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on coaching to help drivers develop the necessary skills to handle a PCV safely and professionally.

3. Passenger Safety and Customer Service

Passenger safety and customer service are paramount in the PCV industry. Our training goes beyond the steering wheel to instill a sense of responsibility and professionalism in our students.

4. Specialised PCV Training

In addition to our standard PCV training, we also offer specialised programs such as CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training, which is essential for anyone wishing to become a PCV driver.