Commercial Driving Licence Starter Pack

Starter Pack £100.00

Get Your Process Started in 5 Easy Steps - Add this to any course

Whether you are looking to start your journey as a lorry, bus or ambulance driver you must have your provisional driving licence for that category and have passed your theory & hazard perception tests.

It can be a confusing journey so take advantage of our Starter Pack and we can manage the whole process for you.

TrainFor Group takes away all of the hassle and confusion of gaining your commercial driving licence provisional.

Our Starter Pack, What Does It Include?

Step 1 - D4 Medical & D2 Provisional Licence Form

To start your process of gaining your HGV, Bus or Ambulance provisional driving licence, you must complete the DVLA D2 form and attend a D4 driver medical which is undertaken by a doctor officially recognised by DVLA.

You do NOT need to visit your local GP where costs can be as much as £150.00 for the appointment.

TrainFor Group work with a number of DVLA registered doctors locally to provide you the D2 medical.

Your medical will involve the following:

Medical Forms

Step 2 - Proof Checking The Forms

To limit the number of returns, our dedicated operations team will check over your forms to try and ensure that all boxes have been ticked and correctly filled out.

Throughout the process of obtaining your provisional entitlement you will be allocated your own account manager.  Your account manager will support you through your entire application.  

He / she will try to ensure that all documents are correctly completed prior to being sent to the DVLA.  


Step 3 - Fast-tracking your application to DVLA

Once you have completed your D2 / D4 application, your forms need to be sent to DVLA, Swansea along with your current UK car (Cat. B) driving licence.

It has been known for DVLA to return licences many weeks or months later which of course puts the remainder of your course on hold.  

You are unable to attend your theory tests if you do not have your driving licence.

Due to the volume of applications we manage on a daily basis, we have a dedicated representative at DVLA that manages our candidates forms.  

Additionally we fast-track all applications by 1st class recorded delivery ensuring delivery and receipt.

Recorded Delivery

Step 4 - Theory Test Revision

It’s now time to start revising for your theory tests.  There are a number of different options available but we recommend the DVSA’s official version.

The DVSA revision material includes both parts required for the multiple choice and hazard perception.

The DVSA revisional material is available to download on to mobile / tablet devices and laptops.  

This means you can revise any time of the day, wherever you are!


DVSA Test Kit

Step 5 - DVSA Theory Test Bookings

When you first start your application and we have received your D2 & D4 application forms, TrainFor Group would have booked your DVSA theory test dates at your local test centre.

Being a trainer booking centre, we can allocate your theory tests before waiting for your licence to be returned and applications approved.  This usually saves you waiting an additional 4-6 weeks after receiving your licence back from DVLA.

Theory Test Sign