MiDAS Training

MiDAS Training

MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme and is administered by the Community Transport Association. The scheme provides a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers and has been designed to enhance minibus driving standards and promote the safer operation of minibuses.

MiDAS is available to any organisation operating or using minibuses. Organisations that train their drivers in MiDAS range from small voluntary organisations with one vehicle, to local authorities operating large fleets of minibuses as well as schools, colleges and universities.

At TrainFor Group, we understand the crucial role that highly skilled and qualified drivers play in the efficient and safe movement of people. That’s why we are dedicated to providing this comprehensive assessment.

Led by experienced and certified instructors, our MiDAS training assesses your understanding of minibus operations and road safety to mastering advanced driving techniques, you’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way.

TrainFor Group takes pride in its state-of-the-art training facilities & DVSA-approved test centre.

The Benefits...


Driving Skills

We assess you to ensure your driving skills are of an acceptable standard.

Help & Advice

We give help & advice where necessary to improve your minibus driving skills.

Knowledge & Understanding

We make you aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding minibus driving.

Training Vehicles

We give training in the safe use of wheelchair accessible minibuses where necessary.

Assessment Certificate

Receive a certificate that is acceptable by other MiDAS members

MiDAS Courses available

Standard MiDAS Theory

MiDAS is not a legal requirement but is increasingly being accepted as a ‘best working practice’. Most organisations operating minibuses like their drivers to have a MiDAS certificate.



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Per Candidate

Accessible MiDAS Theory

MiDAS Accessible Driver Training is designed and certified by the CTA and is a quality standard for organisations and drivers who transport passengers with disabilities.



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Per Candidate